Hi. Welcome to Benson And Lola, I am Gemma and this is…. you have probably guessed it Benson And Lola!


Well the last few years have been an adventure. We, like most of you became first time pup parents and oh my did we have a steep learning curve! We read the books we studied every article on preparing for a puppy we could find and guess what we were still way under prepared for what was about to come!

Over the years we have had it all; Bulldog puppies that won’t eat, yeast infections, raw feeding, kibble feeding, introducing new puppies, to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, spaying is it best, reactiveness, will neutering calm a dog, what supplements to use, anal gland problems, is crate training evil, dog walkers can you trust them, skin infections, house training, fear phases, dog hay fever, French bulldogs with sensitive skin, the guilt of leaving them, holidaying with dogs, stroppy teenage pups the list goes on. Through all of this we found that there was not one safe place where we could get help and products that actually worked for what we were going though. Which is how Benson And Lola Pet Boutique came to be.

The main reason we exist is we genuinely want every dog to be happy. Everything you find on this site has been used by us, anything we talk about is what we have been though and any friends we introduce you too are people we trust and genuinely believe they are the greatest at what they do.

Over the years I have seen so many dogs end up in rescue a lot of the time due to a misunderstanding of what dogs and pup parents need to live happily together. By providing products that worked for us as a family my hope is that we can help crate the most wondaful happy environment for all dog house holds with solutions to real problems that all us pup parents face.

My name is Benson
I’m 1 year old
I’m an English Bulldog
I love the simple things in life… Cuddles, peanut butter, running through long grass, sausages and my mum of course!
I’m loving and sensitive, as well as occasionally nervous, and always clumsy… Also, I’ll probably try to cuddle you if I see you, please don’t be alarmed


Benson is an English Bulldog; a simple soul who loves an easy life full of cuddles, peanut butter and plenty of family time.
He doesn’t understand the concept of personal space, but when you’re a loveable ball of wrinkles like Benson, we don’t mind! He can become a little nervous at times, in which case you will find him glued to his mum, slobber and all. But with lots of time, understanding and a constant supply of hotdogs, Benson is learning the world is not so scary.
If you’re passing by make sure you’re ready for a hug from Benson as his friendly nature will most definitely lead him to come over and say hello to you!


Lola is a French Bulldog; she’s a mischievous, playful dog who is definitely French and believes she’s human! 
She loves exploring with her fearless nature, and will happily walk for miles over mountains, fields and even through water, having us wonder if she’s a Springer Spaniel in disguise! This results in one very mucky pup, and almost daily baths, much to Lola’s hatred… 
Lola is very much a Daddy’s girl and you could definitely describe her as a lap dog, following her humans everywhere, I have not peed alone since her arrival! 
My name is Lola
I’m 1 1/2 year old
I’m a French Bulldog
I love playing, eating everything in sight, being near my humans and winding Benson up
I’m cheeky, mischievous, and definitely French! I love exploring and being a mucky pup, I have the best time walking for miles through mountains, fields and even through water… This means that my mum makes me have a bath almost every day which I HATE, but it’s usually worth it!