Hi. Welcome to Benson And Lola, I am Gemma and this is…. you have probably  guessed it Benson And Lola!


Well the last few years have been an adventure. We, like most of you became first time pup parents and oh my did we have a steep learning curve! We read the books we studied every article on preparing for a puppy we could find and guess what we were still way under prepared for what was about to come!

The main reason we exist is we genuinely want every dog to be happy. Everything you find on this site has been used by us, anything we talk about is what we have been though and any friends we introduce you too are people we trust and genuinely believe they are the greatest at what they do. By providing products that worked for us as a family my hope is that we can help crate the most wondaful happy environment for all dog house holds with solutions to real problems that all us pup parents face.

“We like you… but we like your Dog more”